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Hertz Ultimate Choice

hertz ultimate choice

With Hertz Ultimate Choice, you choose the vehicle that's right for you and get on your way even faster. There's no need to search for a number or specific car. The car you choose is the car you drive. It's that simple.

Hertz Ultimate Choice is an expansion of Gold Choice, Gold Plus Rewards, members who book a Mid-size car or higher get access to exclusive cars based on their status.

How Ultimate Choice Works:

  1. Reserve your car: Gold Plus Rewards members who reserve a Mid-size car class or higher have access to a select group of cars with enhanced features.
  2. Choose your car: Gold Plus Rewards members can skip the line and go straight to the zone that corresponds with your Gold member status. If you aren't a member, go to the Hertz counter where you'll be directed to the zone that corresponds with the car you reserved.
  3. Proceed to the exit gate

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