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Assignment Listings

Procurement Services
Director, Procurement Services Tina Lowenthal x2758
Associate Director, Purchasing Services Monica Marquez x2566
Associate Director, Payment Services Muriel Marroquin x6273
Travel Travel & P-Card Manager (Interim Lead), Michelle Lampe x6257
Travel Administrator, Esther Cunningham x8106
Travel Administrator, Davida Perez x3702
P-Card P-Card Administrator, Holly Cronin x2894
TechMart Purchasing Services Manager, Genelle Vinci x6276 Accounts Payable Manager,
Guillermo Ramirez x2954
Assignment Purchasing Buyers Accounts Payable Specialists
ASIC Armando Munoz x2631 Open
Atheneum Rudy Zepeda x2578 Jennifer Reyes (Interim) X2271
BBE/HHMI Phyllis Burton x6279 Eva Kiss x2893
Business& Finanace/Research Administration Rachel Fisher x8429 Open
CACR Rachel Fisher x8429 Vivian Niller x3094
CCE/JCAP Phyllis Burton x6279 Cheryl Hernandez x8049
AAR formerly known as DIR Rudy Zepeda x2578 Vivian Niller x3094
EAS Armando Munoz x2631 Open
Facilities/Faculty Housing/ EH&S/ Graphic Resources/ Security & Parking/Campus Mail Chris Sierra x 4679 Open
GPS Rudy Zepeda x2578 Martha Penunuri x3792
HSS Armando Munoz x2631 Vivian Niller x3094
Human Resources Rudy Zepeda x2578 Martha Penunuri x3792
IMSS Open Vivian Niller x3094
Library Armando Munoz x2631 Vivian Niller x3094
LIGO Eric Garcia 509-372-8134 Lilly Mendez x2654
OGC Open Vivian Niller x3094
PMA Rachel Fisher x8429 Lilly Mendez x2654
President's Office Rudy Zepeda x2578 Vivian Niller x3094
Provost's Office/OLAR/OTTCP/Staff & Faculty Consultation Rudy Zepeda x2578 Vivian Niller x3094
SAS/Caltech Store/Dining Services/Student Housing Chris Sierra x4679 Lilly Mendez x2654
Strategy Implementations Chris Sierra x4679 Lilly Mendez x2654
Student Affairs/Athletics/Career Development Center/Counseling Center/ Dean's Office/Financial Aid/Health Center/ Center for Diversity/Performing & Visual arts/Registrar Chris Sierra x4679 Lilly Mendez x2654
TMT Rachel Fisher x8429 Vivian Niller x3094
Special Assignments Airgas Various Martha Penunuri x3792
Consulting Agreements Rachel Fisher x8429 Various
e-Payables Holly Cronin x2894 Lupe Gudino x6235
Freight Various Vivian Niller x3094
Hotel Agreements Kevin Speaks x4572
JPL Work Orders Kelly Lam X2569
MPAs Open
RFPs Open
SOS Buyers Genelle Vinci x6276
Subcontract Closeout Kelly Lam X2569
TechMart Training Genelle Vinci x6276
Specialty Team, Tax Reporting & Supplier Management (Reimbursements)
Accounting Functions, Construction Invoice Facilities, Petty Cash, Sales & Use Tax, Tax Reporting Specialty Team & Supplier Mangement Manager (Interim Lead) Tess Perez x2855
Employee Reimbursements, Payroll Benefits and Taxes Senior Financial Analyst, Hazel V. Hall x3689
Athenaeum, Biology, Bookstore, Bursar, Business & Finance, CABS, Campus Life, EAS, HR, IMSS, Institute Housing, IRC, JPL Wire Booking, Library, OTT, OGC, President's Office, Project Accounting, Provost's Office Financial Analyst & Small Business Specialist, Monique McMillan x3097
Athletics, CAPSI, Chemistry, CIRPAS, Dean's Office, Development, Facilities/Campus Planning, GPS, Graphic Arts/Mail Services/Transportation, HSS, Institute Scholar, JPL, LIGO, Performing & Visual Arts, PMA, Public Events & Relations, Security, Student Affairs, TMT, Utilities Financial Analyst, Tatjana Cormarkovic x8101
Senior Supplier Management Specialist, Josephine Frayre x2395
Senior Supplier Management Specialist, Jennifer R. Reyes x2271
System Support - Small Business Senior Procurement Systems Analyst Cynthia B. Rowand x6281
Procurement Systems Analyst and Small Business Liaison Officer Joseph K. (Joey) Janssen x2674
Disbursements Disbursements Manager, Christina M. Aguilar x
Senior Disbursements Specialist, Nittaya Tantapharuk x8634
Disbursements Specialist, Michael Dumaua x8911
Support Services Procurement Services Manager, Hillary D. Sanchez x8472
Procurement Services Support Specialist, Emmanuel Medina x2893
Procurement Services Support Specialist, Ruby G. Gallegos x8641