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Department Codes

Department Codes are used at Caltech to identify purchasing and payment transactions by campus groups. Codes are assigned to groups, departments, buildings, or work areas, not to individuals.


  • To facilitate routing of paperwork
  • To provide contact information
  • To route deliveries

The Department Code List is...

  • Posted on the Procurement Services website here
  • Owned by Purchasing Services
  • Maintained by Procurement Support Services
  • Developed according to campus customer specifications
  • Updated regularly

To add a new Department Code to the list

  • Department Code Request Form (PDF)

To change information on an existing code

Email Hillary Sanchez at Example:

Please change the following information on Department Code 6B

Change Delivery Address

From:   123 S. Hill
To:      Keith Spalding 6, Rm. 101

Change PO Contact

From:   Suzy Buyer
To:       Joe Negotiator, PO Contact Phone x0000

If you have questions regarding the codes

  • More detailed information and examples (PDF)

Please contact Monica Marquez at x2566 or with additional questions.