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Important information regarding P-Card's transition process to U.S. Bank


Welcome to the P-Card homepage!

The P-CATS team is here to serve all of your credit card buying needs. The P-Card eliminates purchase orders for small dollar merchandise while offering a time saving method of payment. There are two options available for P-Card buying: goods/services and travel related expenses. Please see the Travel Services Home Page for information about travel related purchases.

P-Cards with CHIP and PIN Technology

All P-Cards are CHIP & PIN enabled.  The cards contain an embedded microchip that holds encrypted information, making it extremely difficult for the card to be counterfeited or copied. The cards can be used at both CHIP and non-CHIP terminals.

Click here to customize your PIN.

the 2017 P-Card Reconciliation Dates have been added. Please click here.

To apply for a Caltech P-Card or to set up a Non-Cardholder/Reconciler:

*Please note that training is required prior to receipt and usage of a Caltech P-Card.

To view the P-Card Policy please click here

For frequently asked P-Card questions (FAQ's) please click here

B of A Fraud Lost/Stolen Card - Call (877) 451-4602

US Bank Fraud Lost/Stolen Card - Call (800) 523-9078
Please call the number above if you think your card has been compromised.  

Muriel Marroquin
P-Card and Travel Manager
(626) 395-6273
Michelle Lampe
P-Card Administrator
(626) 395-6257
Holly Cronin
P-Card Administrator
(626) 395-2894