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P2P Town Hall Q & A – Wednesday, March 21st 9:30 – 10:30 AM


1. Do new financial approvals affect SOS Buyer $10K submitted w/out approval?

Yes, if it submitted without approval on the requisition, it will now require an invoice approval.


2. How are suppliers informed of Supplier Portal and electronic invoice changes?

When receiving a New Supplier requisition in TechMart, your Buyer will be informing the supplier about the Supplier Portal and helping to get them set up in the system.  Letters to all suppliers about the Supplier portal, electronic invoicing, ePayables and new terms will be sent the first week of April.


3. If we are not currently set up in TechMart, would you recommend waiting until these changes are complete?

No, we recommend getting set up in the system now and attending the General TechMart New User training class along with the new P2P training classes.


4. During the TechMart dark time, will we be able to charge necessary purchases to a PCard?

Yes, we highly recommend using your PCard during the TechMart Outage period.


5. On major equipment purchases, how can we withhold payment until proof of good working order is met?

You can work with us to adjust your receiving threshold to a lower dollar value. This will require a goods receipt from you in order for Accounts Payable to pay the invoice.


6. What will happen if the incorrect PO is listed on the invoice?

We will be able to tell if the PO number is incorrect because the lines on the invoice will not match the lines on the PO. This will cause the invoice to fall into an exceptions folder for Accounts Payable to review and search for the correct PO. If no PO is found, AP will contact you for further instructions.


7. What will happen if there is a price discrepancy on the invoice compared to the PO?

A price discrepancy will cause the invoice to fall into an exceptions folder for Accounts Payable to review. The AP Processer will work with you Buyer if further action is needed.


8. Can we view the invoice in TechMart?

Yes, you can view your invoices in TechMart.


9. Do you submit a Credit Memo in TechMart?

Yes, Credit Memos will also be submitted in TechMart.


10. If an invoice is emailed to us, will we be able to add the invoice in TechMart?

If an invoice is emailed to you, you will follow the current process of forwarding it to Our electronic mailroom, DMR, will upload the invoice into TechMart.


11. Will we still be able to look in Oracle to see if invoices have been paid?

You can, but you do not have to! You will now be able to view payment information in TechMart. This includes payment date and check/EFT number.


12. How will Payment Request approvals be handled?

Monica is working with each department to delegate who the approvers will be. The end-user will fill out the Payment Request form and it will go to an approver before being sent to our Payables team.


13. Will the training for Payment Request & Reimbursement include Petty Cash?

No, Joey will send notice to all Petty Cash custodians to set up a training on that process.


14. Am I able to go into TechMart and view invoices for a completed PO?

Yes, you are able to view the invoices that you have access to.


15. Will Supplier Management procedures change?

Supplier Management procedures will not change for you on the front end, but the way they are processed by Procurement will be slightly different.  If a Supplier needs to be added or their address updated, a custodian form will be in TechMart, which SOS/PPS Buyers will have the ability to fill out and submit to Supplier Management. Caltech Help will not need to be used to add or update a supplier.


16.  If I only use TechMart on my desktop computer, is there a reason to attend the TechMart Mobile Class?

If you believe that you may want to approve invoices and perform receiving on the go then you should come to the class. If this is not a function you wish to use, no you do not need to attend the class.


17. What are the new differences for end users, particularly for the Spot Buy and Airgas order? (on the ordering/purchasing side)

The Spot Buy form will not be changing other than seeing the tax on the requisition. Airgas will be changing when it comes to the monthly cylinder rental fees. For more information on Airgas, please attend one of our Airgas classes.


18. What if the department needs to review invoices prior to approval? Can the department receive workflow before it goes to payment?

If you wish to review invoices prior to approval you can request a low dollar receiving threshold. This will require the invoices to need a goods or cost receipt before payment.


19.  Can we see the letter going to suppliers and a list of our respective suppliers being reached out to?

We will not be offering a list of the suppliers receiving letters. The information on the letters will be available at our website /p2p/info


20.  How do we give a new supplier access to the Supplier Portal?

Your Buyer and the Supplier Management Team will work on getting them set up once the requisition is received.  If you want us to add specific suppliers or reach out to certain suppliers, reach out to Purchasing.


21.  What dates will TechMart be down?

Outage 1: 5:00 PM Friday March 23rd - 9:00 AM Sunday March 25th. Outage 2: 8:00 AM Monday April 30th - 9:00 AM Monday May 7th.


22.  What is a Sundry Blanket?

An Oracle PO that is not connected to a PTA.


23.  Who can become a Petty Cash custodian?

If you wish to become a Petty Cash custodian please contact Treasury Services. While we facilitate the payment, we do not control who has access.