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P2P Q&A - Tuesday, March 13th 2 - 3 pm

1.   Who will be set up to perform invoice financial approval?

Your department will decide who will become each users Financial Approver. Monica Marquez is reaching out to each department to verify this information.


2.   How will returns be handled?

Returns will be handled in the same manner as they do currently. Please contact your Buyer if a return needs to be made. If you are unsure of who your Buyer is, please follow this link:


3.   Will we need a PO in order for an invoice to be paid?

Yes, a PO is required for an invoice to be paid, unless it qualifies on the Payment Request Usage List at which the payment will be made from the Payment Request Form.


4.   Is there a way to change a PTA between the time an order is placed (requisition stage) and when payment is made (final invoice stage)?

Yes, you can contact your Buyer to change a PTA before payment is made.  You can also create a change request to request the PTA change.


5.    Does the supplier campaign go to TechMart suppliers only?

The supplier campaign will be going to all suppliers, those currently in TechMart and those that will now be in TechMart with P2P.


6.    Will the supplier campaign go to current vendors w/o PO's?

Yes, we have assessed all vendors and ones that are not currently in TechMart with a PO, but will be in P2P will be receiving the supplier campaign letter.


7.    Will there be a sales tax override on labor and service contracts?

Yes, your Buyer will be able to override the tax for labor and service contracts. 


8.   Does the supplier campaign include Subawards?

No, we will not be sending out the supplier campaign letter to Subrecipients.


9.    Are you able to override the use sales tax?

Yes, PPS and SOS Buyers can override any taxes if needed.


10.   Will the justification form change?

No, the Competitive Procurement Summary and Noncompetitive Justification Form will not change.


11.   Can a requisition be set up with multiple PTAs?

Yes, a requisition can be set up with multiple PTAs.


12.   Can a Declining Balance be set up with multiple PTAs?

Yes, a Declining Balance PO can be set up with multiple PTAs.


13.   Will a supplier be charged a credit card processing fee for E-Payables?

The supplier will be charged the standard credit card fee.


14.   What happens when the line amount ($) does not match the invoice, does it still require the Buyer to change the amount in Oracle?

Yes, if the line amount on the invoice is different than the line amount on the PO, the Requisitioner will need to submit a Change Request to the Buyer who will then make the change in Oracle.


15.   Will Matheson still charge monthly for cylinder rentals?

Yes, Matheson will still have their monthly cylinder rental fees and invoices. The changes apply to Airgas only.


16.   Employee Reimbursements: Will there be information given, i.e. UID, that we can check in TechMart to verify that we have selected the correct person?

NO, the UID field will not be available on the Employee Reimbursements.  However, the Dept/Division they are tied to via HR will populate in TechMart once their name is selected.


17.   How will the tax be handled if we are shipping to a different state?

If the "Ship To" is identified at the Requisitions as anything other than "Pasadena", it will stop with a PPS/SOS Buyer for tax review on the front end.  AP will also have the ability to change the tax on the invoice if it wasn't done upfront.


18.   Will I receive a copy of the receipt if the supplier is on the E-Payables program?

If you are using your PCard to place an order outside of TechMart, that process will not change.  If the supplier you ordered from in TechMart accepts credit card, you will still see the voucher in TechMart and the payment information. E-Payables is just a backend payment method for our suppliers.


19.   Will there be a way to put invoices on hold? i.e. I sometimes have suppliers that ask to be paid before the items have arrived.

Yes, that is an available action in TechMart, if you are the Invoice Financial Approver.


20.   I have postdocs/students that create PO's. Will I be able to limit their ability to create Payment Requests and other forms? Will I still be able to approve their invoices?

Yes, all Payment Requests, Supplier After-the-Fact and Employee Reimbursements will require approval. If you wish to limit what they order on other forms, i.e. Spot Buy, you can request Requisition Financial Approval (RFA) on all orders. As far as restricting forms they see, unfortunately, they will have access to see/use all forms that are not custodian based.  If you are setup as the users Invoice Financial Approver (IFA) you can still approve their invoices.


21.   How will you communicate the TechMart blackout to the campus?

We will send out an email using Caltech Directory, post on the Caltech ION, post details on our website, and have our employees send notification to their top TechMart users.


22.   How will Partial Sales Tax be handled in the new system?

The Partial Sales & Use Tax process will not change on the Requisition side.


23.   Can you please explain the ladder for RFA and IFA?

RFA will follow the current "ladder" for Requisition Financial Approver.  Example: You are the Requisitioner and your limit is $500.00, but you place an order of $10,000.00.  Your financial approver only has a $5,000.00 limit and their financial approver has a limit of $15,000.00.  Your Requisition will go to your financial approver first, and then it will go to their financial approver, as their limit is $15,000.00, so they can approve the $10,000.00 order.  Invoice approvals will follow the same structure, but it will look at the invoice amount instead of the requisition amount.