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Supplier Portal

Caltech’s Accounts Payable Department has automated its process by joining the same e-Procurement solution as its Purchasing Department to become a single procure-topay (P2P) platform. As a result, we are offering our suppliers access to our new Supplier Portal that allows suppliers to work with Caltech in a secure, online environment. Here are some of the benefits the Supplier Portal offers:  
  • Search and view your invoice status 
  • Create invoices/credit memos based on Caltech POs (PO to invoice flip) 
  • Invoice management with direct communication to Caltech 
Who can register to participate? Any supplier with an outstanding invoice issued against a PO created after May 7th may request access to Caltech’s Supplier Portal. Suppliers interested in utilizing the Portal and increasing speed of payment, should email us at We will send the supplier an email invitation to register.