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e-Payables Program

Caltech is pleased to offer settlement by credit card, the fastest and most secure form of disbursement. We have partnered with U.S. Bank to enable Payment Plus, a one-time credit card settlement option for our suppliers. When payment is ready, you will receive an e-mail containing one-time credit card information. This effectively replaces a paper check and is faster and more secure. You can then process the credit card payment just as you would if someone provided a plastic card. There is even an option to have U.S. Bank process the payment for you and transfer the funds directly into your account making it even more efficient!

If you enroll in Caltech's e-Payables Program, you will receive preferred payment terms, as a valued partner.

For more information or to enroll in Payment Plus, please visit our Payment Plus webpage and expect a call from our Caltech Enrollment Team regarding this Program.