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Digital Mailroom

As part of our new P2P platform, Caltech has contracted with a third-party service provider, EDM Americas, to utilize their Digital Mailroom solution to serve as a processing point for paper and emailed invoices. 

If you currently mail us paper invoices, beginning May 7, 2018, please mail your invoices to the mailing address below. If you prefer not to mail us paper invoices, we highly encourage emailing your invoices to the email address below or submitting your invoices through our new Supplier Portal. Using Digital Mailroom will help guarantee secure delivery of your Caltech invoices and facilitate processing time.
Mailing Address:  PO Box 3237 Scranton, PA 18505
Email Address:
Acceptable email format: .PDF, .DOC/.DOCX, .TIF/.TIFF, and .JPEG/.JPG. Email attachments cannot exceed 10MB in size. Failure to follow these mail/email requirements may result in a delay of processing or rejection of supplier invoices.