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Procurement Forms

Welcome to the Procurement Services Forms page! All of our Procurement forms can also be found at


  • Blanket Requisition (PDF)
  • Competitive Procurement Summary Form (PDF)
  • Consulting and Professional Services Worksheet (PDF)
  • Independent Contractor Services Request (PDF)
  • Noncompetitive Justification Form (DOC)
  • Purchase Requisition Form (PDF)(XLS)  / Addendum (PDF)(XLS) / Form Definitions and Instructions (PDF)

P-Card (CardQuest)

    • CardQuest Cashier Deposit Form (PDF)
    • CardQuest Low Limit Form (PDF)
    • CardQuest Non-P-Card Holder Set Up/Access Form (PDF)
    • CardQuest P-Card Application & Acknowledgement Form (PDF)
    • Change Limit Form (PDF)
    • Expense Approver Update Form (change/update/add authorizer) (PDF)
    • P-Card Missing Receipt Form (PDF)


NOTE: For the Travel Advance Request or Mileage Report Form please contact Travel Services at (626) 395-8900 or

    • Missing Traveler Signature Certification Form (PDF)
    • Travel Missing Receipt Form (PDF)
    • Use of Foreign Carrier Certification Form (PDF)


    • TechMart Security Access Form (PDF)
    • Thorlabs New Lab Discount Form (PDF)



As of July 1, 2013, Procurement Services will no longer accept the old Wire Transfer and Payment Request Forms. To learn more information regarding our new procedures and forms please click here.

  • Expense Distribution Form (PDF)
  • Payment Request Form (PDF)
  • Payment Request Usages (PDF)
  • Stop Payment Request Form (PDF)
  • Wire Transfer Request Form (PDF)

Risk Management

  • Automobile Loss Notice Form (PDF)
  • Certificate of Insurance Request Form (PDF)


  • Employee Direct Deposit Authorization Form (PDF)
  • Supplier Direct Deposit Authorization Form (PDF)
  • Foreign National Data Form (PDF)
  • Foreign National Visa Matrix (PDF)
  • IRS Form W-9 (PDF)
  • IRS Form W-9 for Royalty Payments (PDF)
  • Non-Employee Traveler Form (PDF)
  • Request to Add/Update Supplier (For Internal Use) (PDF)


  • Department Code Request Form (PDF)