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Notifications in TechMart

How to Turn Off Notifications in TechMart


There are several notifications that are activated as part of your TechMart profile.  If you wish not to receive them or perhaps just receive a notification within TechMart you can change the setting in your Profile.

To do that click on the View My Profile link.


Navigate to Notification Preferences

Select Accounts Payable.  Note: If you are an Approver you are encouraged to leave the Invoice Pending Workflow Approval notification on.  To change any notification click on the Edit button.

Then click the Override button and change the notification option/method. Below are the options available (None means you will not receive any notification, Notification means notification within TechMart as indicated by this alert ):

In the box below are the Receiving notifications you can turn off (or on):

In the box below are the Invoice notifications you can turn off (or on):