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Supplier Management

The Supplier Management Team is responsible for adding and updating suppliers in the Oracle Supplier database. The Institute requires that all suppliers must be defined in Oracle Payables in order to have a payment issued to the supplier.


As of August 1st, 2013, you can directly submit your Supplier Management Requests via the new Caltech Help application.  Requests that were previously sent to should now be sent directly through the Caltech Help application.  You can request to Add/Update a Supplier, Add a PCard Traveler, Inquire about Holds on Suppliers, and Other Requests through Caltech Help and the tickets will route directly to the Supplier Management Team.  Anyone on the Supplier Management team can access your ticket and will be able to retrieve it to begin work.  In Caltech Help, you can see who is assigned to your ticket and track its status plus you will also be able to view the history of your prior requests. 

  1. To start:

    a. Go to and log in with your access.caltech username and password OR
    b. Log in to and select Caltech Help under the Administrative Services heading

     2    To create a request for the Supplier Management Group,
           select the following fields under “Request Type”:
           Procurement > Supplier Management


To add or update a supplier, a completed “Request to Add or Update Supplier” form along with supporting documents are required.  The “Request to Add or Update Supplier” form can be found on the procurement website at under the Supplier Management section. 

Supplier Management only adds a supplier to the Oracle database at the request of the following the individuals and/or groups: Payment Services, Purchasing Services, SOS Purchasing Agents.


SECURITY NOTE: Do not include sensitive data in any emails, tickets, or attachments intended for Caltech Help. Sensitive data include—but are not limited to—Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, health information, dates of birth, compensation data, and donor information. If you have a question about sensitive data, please email

We will continue accepting requests to through the month of August.  As of September 3rd, 2013 all requests should be sent through Caltech Help.  Please feel free to contact the Supplier Management Team if you have any questions about Caltech Help for Supplier Management.



Joey Janssen            Procurement Hotline       
Supplier Management Manager       (626) 395-8900
 (626) 395-2674