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Specialty Team


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The Payment Services Specialty Team is dedicated to meeting your service needs for all non-purchase order and non-travel related transactions.

The group is also responsible for the following activities:

  • All Payment Request matters (non-travel) 
  • Petty Cash (opening, closing, replenishment and termination clearance)
  • Retentions
  • Refunds
  • Expenditure Type Corrections
  • Reconciling assigned GL Object Codes
  • Supporting Tax Manager on sales and use tax issues

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Payment Requests (non-travel related)

The 'Payment Request Usages List' has been updated to reflect the following change:

Catering Services - Payment to a company or an individual providing food, drink and food service. Typically at social events and in a professional capacity. Not applicable to federally funded projects. A Purchase Order is required for federally funded projects. 

  • Payment Request Form (PDF)
  • Payment Request Usages (PDF)
  • Payment Request Invoice Codes (PDF)


Theresa Perez
Senior Financial Analyst              
(626) 395-2855
Hazel Hall
Senior Financial Analyst                
(626) 395-3689
Monique McMillan
Financial Analyst
(626) 395-3097     
Tatjana Cormarkovic
Financial Analyst
(626) 395-8101