Meal allowance is authorized for out-of-state or overnight, in-state travel.  Meal allowances are based on the federal meal and incidental rates that vary by city location.  These rates include incidental expenses (e.g. service tips, housekeeping, baggage carriers, porters, etc).  For current Per Diem rates, see U.S. General Services Administration.

Per Diem
Per Diem rates include amounts for lodging, meals, and incidentals.  Per Diem Rates
Per diem rates vary from city to city and county to county. If you need to find out the name of the county a particular city is in, visit the State Guide site.

If you cannot find your destination listed, contact the Travel Staff at: for assistance.

Foreign Per Diem
Foreign Currency
If you have foreign currency at the end of a trip, please convert the foreign currency to U.S. currency prior to departure or immediately upon arrival in the U.S. The U.S Department of State has more infomation on information on foreign per diems.
The Caltech cashier cannot exchange foreign currency or accept it for deposit.
If you are unable to exchange the foreign currency prior to your return to Caltech, please contact the Travel Department prior to submitting your expense report.
Currency Exchange Rate

Foreign Per Diem

Refer to the Travel Policy for more information.