Fly America Town Hall Q&A

         Does Fly America apply to non-federal funds?

No, this only affects federal funds

         When booking through CTP, do I need to provide any forms?

No, the portal automatically checks for Fly America and City Pair compliance.

         Is there a fee if we book online with CTP?

Yes, $7.00 domestic and international (in the portal), please check our webpage for more pricing.

         How do you get receipts from CTP?

If e-receipts are enabled – e-receipts will automatically appear in your available expenses (for participating vendors). To activate e-receipts please go into your profile settings and select e-receipt activation, agree to the terms and you will be ready to go.

         What if we are booking a federal trip to a foreign country and sort in the portal to the best of our ability and our professor's DO NOT like the options?

If it is a complicated trip we advise working directly with an agent. However there are filters available in the portal which can narrow down your search options.  But if you are flying on federal funds to a foreign country you must abide by Fly America Act.

         What if Faculty doesn't follow the rules and books without administration (After the Fact)?

Fly America guidelines must be followed. If the trip that is booked does not follow these guidelines the trip will be returned and we will ask for the PTA to be updated to a non-federal PTA. We highly suggest booking with CTP or with our Travel Agent directly.

         What if my faculty member chooses to use his own travel agency?

That is fine however that agency must provide screen shots at the time of booking per Fly America requirements.

         How do we get a copy of the original Fly America correspondence sent to campus?

                     Click Here

         Do we have to select something within CTP to make it clear we need to comply with Fly America?

Yes, when booking in the portal you must select "Government funded Travel".

         Can you fly Business Class?

No, not on federal accounts.


         Are there any exceptions to fly Business class?  

Federal policy does not allow for business class travel on international flights unless there is a medical exception. Such exceptions must be noted on the travel report and on the exception certification, if relevant to Fly America Act. 


         If I must book Business Class international with a doctor's note as the exception, how would I book online with CTP?

You would not be able to book this online please book this directly with a CTP agent.

         What is a good way to explain the $150 threshold if the least cost logical airfare is not selected in the travel portal? And why?

There is a list of available options travelers can select from such as "inflexible schedule or carrier specific". There is also a comments section available. We use this for our internal use only.

         Can we call CTP to book?

Yes, and please advise the agent that you are traveling on federal funds (if applicable). The agent will search for flight times for Fly America compliance and will note the itinerary as such.

         Who takes care of the fees if CTP books something that does not comply?

If you book with CTP and a flight is not Fly America Act compliant CTP will pay Caltech the price difference between the compliant and non-compliant flight booked.

         Are you paying attention to any contracts with the U.K. (relating to Open Skies)?

Yes, we are paying attention and as for now, travelers may still use their member state carrier as they are still a part of the E.U. Open Skies agreement.

         For reconciliation do we still need to attach original boarding passes?

No. Just attach the itinerary.

Suggestion: Go through portal to get e-receipts

         Will there be more assistance, a step to step guide posted?

We will follow up with a brown bag session if enough individuals are interested. We ask that you to please contact us and let us know.

         What is the date we must strictly follow this Fly America?

You must always be following Fly America policy as usual however these additional documentation requirements  go in to effect  May 1, 2018

         Will there be a training for grant managers?

Yes, we will notify.