Managing Declines Travel

Call U.S. Bank Prior to Travel:

  • Cardholders should Call U.S. Bank in advance for Travel
  • Customer Service will note account with travel dates
  • This can prevent a Fraud Referral Decline (FR)
Do Not Strand Policy
  • Cardholders should be aware that U.S. Bank has a do not strand policy
  • If declined while on Travel, the cardholder can request do-not-strand protocol
  • Do not strand applies to card rentals, hotel, and airline transactions only
If a cardholder is traveling and they confirmed/posted FRAUD
  • It might be
  • necessary to process a close and reissue
  • Cardholders should always carry a back-up method of payment
  • Cardholders should ask the customer service representation if there are any do-not-strand procedures that can be applied to their card account: It might be possible to leave the account in an FR Block sttus until the cardholder returns. They can then call in advance of do-not strand related purchases to obtain an override.