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Activating Your New P-Card and PIN Customization

Call U.S. Bank Customer Service at 1-800-344-5696
  1. Enter your 16-digit card number and the five-digit billing zip code (91125)
  2. Follow the prompts or press 0 to speak with a Customer Service Representative*.
               a. If following prompts to activate your account, press 1
               b. Enter in the last four digits of your social security number.
                    ALL CARDHOLDERS ENTER 0000 
               c. Enter your business phone number, beginning with area
               d. Listen to Express Consent notice regarding live
                      * Decline (press 2) live callers cannot call, only
                        callers (suggested option)
                      * Accept (press 1) live callers will call
               e. Your card account has been activated, stay on the line
                       to establish PIN
Select a new 4 digit Personal Identification Number
                      * For verification, re-enter the PIN you selected
                      * Your PIN has been updated

At any time if you press 0 you can speak with a representative. They may ask you to confirm the following:
  • Last four digits of your SSN, which is actually 0000
  • Billing address - 1200 E. California Blvd.
  • Billing zip code - 91125
  • Your business phone number
  • Single and monthly purchase limits (listed on your account)