CardQuest FAQ's

1. What category of travel expense is used for travel visa charges and vaccinations?
Travel visa charges and vaccinations would be listed as a "fee" under expense type.

2. What do I do when i get an "Image Server Error" message?
If you receive an error message like the one below it is a temporary server error with CardQuest and should resolve itself within an hour. You can also close your browser and reopen it or try using another browser to resolve the issue.

3. How can I check the status of the system if I encounter an error when working in CardQuest?

The CardQuest Open Dashboard provides users a glimpse at system outages and interruptions.

4. How do I create a per diem expense in CardQuest?

  1. In your report click on the Details tab to bring up the drop down menu. Look towards the bottom under Travel Allowances and click on New Itinerary.
  2. Do not use the Import Itinerary feature. This will likely cause the wrong per diem amount to be created. Manually add your itinerary on the right side of the page.
  3. You will enter your departure city and time of departure as well as the city where you will be located and time of arrival. You do not necessarily enter the city that you fly into. For example, some people fly into New Orleans but stay in Denham Springs when they go to LLO. You don't want New Orleans as your destination because it will give you the wrong per diem rate. You would enter Denham Springs.
  4. Once those are entered, you click save. It will ask for your return information. Again, you enter the city where you were at and the arrival airport on the return. You will click save again. 
  5. You should see two lines on the left of the screen. Now you can click the Next button.
  6. The screen will show that it created your "itinerary" and you once again click Next.
  7. Now you have the screen that shows the per diem for your location and you can mark if you had any meals provided or leave as is and hit the Create Expenses button to add your per diem expenses to your report.

5. What are e-Receipts?

e-Receipts are electronic itemized receipts that can be accepted in lieu of a scanned or attached receipt file. Employees are able to receive e-Receipts for transactions from vendors who have an e-Receipt agreement with CardQuest.

Enabling e-Receipts can potentially save time in expense report preparation. Employees must individually enable e-Receipts in CardQuest. The itemized details of the e-Receipt are visible to the employee, their delegate, approvers, and auditors, and are permanently recorded with their expense reports.

6. How do I enable e-Receipts in CardQuest?

To enable e-Receipts, employees must login to CardQuest. Click the Profile tab to view your profile options, then select e-Receipt Activation. The e-Receipt Activation and User Agreement window will open. Read the agreement and then click "I Agree" to complete the e-Receipt activation

7. Can I edit a report before submitting?

Yes, you can modify a report date, expense type, allocations, and other information pertaining to the report. When you are finished, click Save and Submit report. You cannot modify a report after it has been submitted.

8. What should I do if I need to edit/add a transaction on the report that I already submitted?

You may recall an expense report by using the "recall" button if the report is not yet approved by the Processor. You must resubmit the recalled report to your approver after you have revised the report.

9. How can I check the status of my expense report?

Log on to CardQuest, click "Expense", you will see a list of all your reports and the current status of each report.

10. Who is my expense Approver in CardQuest?

Your department head will determine who the appropriate default approver is for your expense reports. To check who your current expense approver in CardQuest is, click "Profile" à click "Expense Approvers".

11. What happens when my Approver goes on leave?

An Approver can designate another Manager to approve expense reports on his/her behalf while he/she is on leave as long as the person substituting has the same approving authority in terms of the schedule of delegation.

12. What do I do if I do not see the fund/functions/object/sub-fund codes that I need to allocate my expenses on CardQuest?

That means the PTA is not chargeable.

13. How do I clear a cash advance? What if I owe money, what if I am owed money?

Enter all of your expenses including out of pocket. Use the drop down "Details" to see available cash advances. Then assign the advance to the report. If you have recorded the expenses and they are equal to the amount of the advance or if you have spent more than the advance and are due funds back, you will see that the outstanding advance amount at the bottom of the report is $0.00. If you owe funds back, you will see an amount in the outstanding advance at the bottom of the report. Use the cash advance returns and enter the balance due back to Caltech then write a check for the balance. 

14. How do I reimburse Caltech if I accidentally use my P-Card for personal charges?

You should mark the transaction as "Personal Expense" on the expense report, print "Cash Return Cover Sheet" from CardQuest /documents/208-cq_cashier_deposit_form.pdf, and take the form and check or cash to the credit union. Attach a copy of the deposit slip to the report. DO NOT put the check in the white goods and services envelopes or the blue travel envelopes.

15. Do I have to write a check for all personal expenses?

For Goods and Services, yes and attach a copy of the personal expense document to the report and record the expense as Personal Expense rather than goods simple or services simple.

For Travel mark the expense as personal but, enter all of your out of pocket and P-Card charges. Then using the "Details" drop down, check the totals. The pop up will tell you if you owe Caltech a refund and need to write a check or if you are owed a reimbursement.

16. How can a split a charge that is part business and part personal?

Example- you have a $300.00 charge and $100.00 is personal. Enter the expense on the report then click on itemize, you will enter the one business charge for $200.00 and mark the $100.00 remaining itemization as personal.

17. How can I give someone a cash advance who is going on a trip and doesn't have a P-Card?

Advances can only be given to employees. You can create a cash advance only for per diem prior to a trip for a traveler who does not have a P-Card.

18. How do I reconcile mileage?

Mileage reports are created in CardQuest just as a travel report. Click on new expense mileage. You will see a mileage calculator, enter your start and end points and click round trip if it is round trip, the system will calculate your mileage for you. You can grab and drag the route if you made a stop or if there was a detour.

For local mileage that does not include an overnight stay you can use a payment request and submit to the Specialty Team, do not code the expense as travel domestic. You can also be paid for mileage amounts under $100.00 through your department petty cash.

19. What if I need to pay a third party like a University instead of a traveler?

You will need to submit a payment request will all supporting documentation.

20. Do I have to put a large conference charge on a travel report or can it be goods and services?

No, a large conference charge could be put on a goods and services report.

21. Do I have to do a new report for a sponsor refund received after the report is closed?

You can create a new report in CardQuest and enter the sponsor refund amount, you will then close the report and send the refund to the Credit union with the CardQuest deposit form. This allows you to see the report and refund in the traveler's library.

If you do not want to create a new report use the Treasury Deposit form not the CardQuest form and send the check with a copy of the report to Treasury to apply the funds to the PTA. Additional paperwork may be required by Treasury.

22. How do I pay relocation expenses?

Relocation reimbursements are paid on a payment request through the Specialty Team. A P-Card should not be used to pay for relocation expenses.

23. Is will call still an option?

Will call is only for one time or emergency situations. If you require a will call you need to send an email to travel staff, and indicate the reason for the will call. Will calls are subject to the Associate Director of Payment Services approval.

24. How come I got paid when the name of the report is for someone else?

This happens when you do not change the field "Are you the traveler of this expense report?" If you are not the traveler you need to change the field to "No".

25. What if my traveler wants to be paid by a wire transfer?

You need to check the box on the header of the report for wire. You will need to fill out the wire payment form located on the Procurement webpage: /documents/150-wire_transfer_request_form.pdf and attach the completed and approved form to the report.

26. What if I have allocated a charge to an incorrect PTA?

If you have only allocated charges to a PTA however the report has not been submitted or sent for payment you can change the PTA. Once the report has been submitted to Oracle you will need to do a cost transfer.

27. When and how do I reimburse Contactors Travel?

Travel expenses for hired Consultants are to be invoiced by the Consultant; we are no longer allowed to book travel on their behalf.

28. How do you I set up a new traveler?

Using the help ticketing system in access.

29. If I paid for my airfare on my own card and my trip isn't for three months, can I be paid for the expense now?

No, if a traveler chooses not to obtain the P-Card for Travel, they will need to travel at their own expense and then be reimbursed after the trip. Advances may be granted only for meals and incidental expenses via CardQuest system under the expense type of per diem.