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CardQuest Benefits

Eliminates Paper through online processing and e-receipts

Time Saver travel data automatically populates expense reports

Policy Compliance travel policies are written into the solution

Reduce Costs automation lowers transaction/processing costs

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Traveler Benefits

CardQuest empowers you to spend less time preparing expense reports, maintaining receipts and spend less time arranging travel.

  • Authorization – Approvers will be able to make corrections to a report and/or make a comment to send back to cardholder/traveler for them to correct. Once the report is corrected the user can resubmit the report for the approver to approve.

  • Booking your trip online – via CTP, travelers can quickly and simultaneously book local and international flights, cars and hotels within CardQuest knowing the trip is within Caltech Travel policy.

  • Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) – has contracted with Caltech to provide and deliver comprehensive, client specific travel management services faster, cheaper and with a personal touch. Travelers will also have access to their after hour care 24/7 and will receive personalized agent support if travel is disrupted.

Integrated system – integrated business rules are unified with both the booking and expense reporting solution. When using the travel booking portal itinerary details will autofill your expense report, saving lots of time.

  • Mobile technology – Concur for Mobile integrates travel and expense processes. With the mobile app, travelers can manage trips and expenses as well as book taxis, hotels, rail and rental cars – all from a mobile device.

  • Single Sign On (SSO) – Travelers will login through Caltech SSO menu to access the CardQuest system.

  • Traveler Profile – allows travelers to maintain mileage reward programs, frequent flier miles, hotel rewards and other travel preferences.

Travel reimbursement – with the touch of a button, you can attach e-receipts and card charges to your expense report leaving just a few additional expenses to key in. The approval process will also be electronic and you will be able to better track where your expense report is sitting and whether or not it has been approved. Once approved the report is loaded into the accounting system for quicker reimbursements.