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***Travel Expense Reports Announcement***
When Wire Transfer is the preferred payment method

Payment Services offers Wire Transfers and Foreign Drafts for payments to International suppliers in US dollars and/or foreign countries. When sending a wire payment request to be processed by wire or foreign drafts, it is essential that all banking information is completed on the wire payment request form. The form must be affixed to the travel expense report. Payments Services has a deadline of 11:00 AM each morning. Missing or incomplete banking information will cause a payment delay. When missing or invalid data is present, notification by email will be sent to the requester and Travel Services of the particular issue. There is a 15 business day turn-around to present the updated banking data. Failure to provide the information within the grace period will result in the cancelation of the travel expense report resulting in submitting a new expense report.  


What is CardQuest?

Travel Portal – is where it begins

Caltech’s new cloud based travel and expense management solution from Concur Technologies, Inc. Concur’s on demand travel booking technology provided by CTP (Corporate Travel Planners) delivers in-policy global travel content in one single, easily-accessible tool. By accessing multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS), exclusive direct connects, corporate discounts and Internet-only fare specials, travelers can quickly book what they need without worrying if it’s in policy.

  • Caltech policy is embedded in the portal
  • Manage itineraries and receipt capture from a smartphone


CardQuest’s expense management solution eliminates manual, paper-based reports. Alongside Expense, Caltech can easily review, approve, process, audit and pay traveler’s expense reports online beside the travel booking tool.

  • Reduce reimbursement time
  • Increase compliance with Caltech’s travel and expense policy

Travel and Expense Together

With CardQuest, travel booking and expense reporting are seamlessly integrated to ensure that Travel and Entertainment (T&E) spend is in policy. Caltech travelers will be able to enjoy one easy-to-use platform for all their travel booking and expense reporting needs and gain greater visibility into Caltech’s T&E spend.


CardQuest mobile solution integrates travel and expense functionality, allowing travelers to manage trips, expenses (airfare, lodging, rental cars and taxis) – all from your mobile device. Travelers can receive up-to-the-second itinerary information in the palm of your hand. Managers can remotely review traveler expense reports in detail, approving or rejecting them wherever they are.

The Benefits

  • Eliminates paper – through online processing and e-receipts
  • Time Saver – travel data automatically populates expense reports
  • Policy compliance – travel policies are written into the solution
  • Reduce costs – automation lowers transaction/processing costs

CardQuest Questions?


Monica Marquez
Associate Director of Purchasing Services
(626) 395-2566

Muriel Marroquin
P-Card and Travel Manager
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